The Health Smart Virginia website provides sample lessons, activity ideas, and information resources to support health and physical education teachers in providing instruction across the broad range of Virginia Health Standards of Learning and Physical Education Standards of Learning. Click here for a video about how to use this Health Smart Virginia website. Click here for the  YouTube channel that houses numerous videos associated with this website. The site also includes a brief presentation on the link between health and academics.

The Physical Education Standards and Resources that are provided at each grade level address Motor Skill Development, Anatomic Basis of Movement, Fitness Planning, Social Development, and Energy Balance.

The Health Education Standards and Resources that are provided at each grade level are grouped into the following 8 content areas: Body Systems; Nutrition; Physical Health, Disease Prevention/Health Promotion; Substance Abuse Prevention; Safety/Injury Prevention; Mental Wellness/Social and Emotional Skills; Violence Prevention; and Community/Environmental Health.

Each grade level tab provides access to the following: 

  • the 2020 Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) for each grade level;
  • a PDF that lists the SOLs that are related to the 8 content areas;
  • for each content area:
    • sample lessons and performance assessments created specifically for Virginia teachers; 
    • other lesson resources from across the country; 
    • other activity ideas to reinforce and support instruction; and
    • hyperlinks to numerous national resources to support instruction.

Health Smart Virginia provides original instructional content from educators in Virginia and across the country and provides and/or directs visitors to resources from other national, state and local organizations. We are indebted to these organizations and individuals for the invaluable resources they have made available to educators on the internet. All content is solely provided for non-profit educational purposes and to support classroom teachers in development of their own lessons. We urge teachers to visit the original owners and sources of information as cited.